About the Artist

In the fall of 2005 Arlene had a major left brain cerebral aneurysm, was in a coma for 2 weeks and was hospitalized for 4 months.  During the ongoing and present recovery process Arlene has continued to create and produce art.  Customers will be given an exclusive portfolio of other available work and biannual updates of original work.

Arlene Cassidy has had an artistic inclination her whole life. As a child, she filled many doodle pads with drawings of fairy tales featuring princesses in glorious outfits. In high school, she produced paintings of females in magical states. Based on these paintings, Arlene was accepted into the Fine Arts program at York University.  Arlene graduated with a Fine Arts degree in 1985. In 1988 Arlene attended Queens University and acquired teaching certification.

In 1989 Arlene accepted a full time job at the Regional Treatment Centre at the Kingston Penitentiary, in the Occupational Therapy department, dealing with wide range of clients.  Arlene held this job for 14 years while raising her son, creating and developing art, part time.   In 2004 Arlene was hired to develop, manage and deliver a program  to youth.  In 2005 Arlene was involved in self employment artist program. She is presently a full time artist and dealing with issues related to the stroke.

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